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Why I’m a Democrat

I get this question a lot surprisingly as a trans woman. I think it is due to so many of my fans are surprisingly conservative, as well many of my fans are subscribers to Blaire White. So maybe from watching her they think I would hold the same ideology. Yes, there are plenty of conservative trans-women. I actually got this idea from my trans girl friend Veronika where she explained to her followers and trans women why she’s a Republican as a trans woman. I thought I would do the same. I think healthy discourse is so needed in this political environment. I feel we all throw fits and run to our corners, so I want to give the reasons I’m democratic voter.

I am a democrat because

I believe in economic security for everyone, not just the top 5 percent of Americans.

I believe that government giving money to the rich doesn’t create jobs for the rest of us.

I believe government should reward businesses only after they have created jobs for Americans.

I believe in a free enterprise system for the working and middle classes, not just global corporations.

I believe in both limited government within reason and limited big business.

I believe in free competitive economic markets for local and small businesses, not just distant and monopolistic corporations.

I believe no one should go bankrupt, lose their home and life savings, or die because they can’t afford health care and don’t have reasonable health insurance.

I believe in the family; specifically in policies that support the family — like paid parental leave, more support for public schools, a safe and sustainable environment, more prenatal health care, better support for working moms, better day care programs for our children and immigration policies that don’t punish children or split up families.

I believe that my opinions, beliefs, and values should be based on reason, evidence, and compassion, not on fear, anger, and ignorance.

I believe in fiscal responsibility, but that sacrifice should first come from those who can afford it, not from the poor.

I believe the rich don’t always earn their wealth, and the poor frequently aren’t to blame for their poverty.

I believe no one should be homeless, hungry, abused, or neglected regardless of the causes.

I believe prisons should be for violent offenders, not drug addicts.

I believe terrorism is a reprehensible criminal act, not an act of war. Thus the “war on terror” is deeply flawed.

I believe to be great America doesn’t have to be better than every other country, but only constantly improving in providing every American the equal and fair opportunity to flourish.

I believe each person, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, deserves equal respect and equal rights to pursue a meaningful life. That an American is American and we are all born with the same rights.

I believe obviously that overall democrats are better on social issues and rights especially for my community.

I believe our government should reflect most of the country. Our government doesn’t reflect most Americans. It is 2020 and we need to catch up in Washington.

I believe in Climate Change and we need to do something about it.

I don’t believe cutting regulations for banks and Wallstreet helps us

I don’t believe if the Stockmarket is doing good it means the economy is good.

I believe in reparations.

I believe we spend way too much on military spending and not enough on education, homelessness, and infrastructure.

I believe in the separation of church and state.

I believe in Labor Unions

I believe in commonsense gun control and immigration reform

Finally, I am a Democrat because I believe we are responsible for each other. That we need to work together to protect America and its people. All people! I fundamentally believe that our government and the laws it makes should give rights to our citizens, not take them away. That is why I support same-sex marriage and protections for LGBT rights, for example. That is why I think states should make it easier, not harder, for residents to vote.

Author: mrskellypierce

Kelly Shore (born in New Orleans, Louisiana) is a pornographic star, model, and GLBT activist. Who has been called the transsexual sweetheart of porn. She started acting in erotic videos in 2008 after having worked as a model and make-up artist for adult film stars. By 2009 she had been featured on several transsexual adult web sites, opened her own official website, and was the box cover girl for eight 16 dvds. She has appeared on the Maury Povich Show, Discovery Channel, VH1 I'm Married to A, and other media outlets. As an activist, she was the first transsexual secretary of St. Pete PRIDE in St. Petersburg, Florida in 2006. As Secretary, Kelly was responsible for the first PRIDE Parade in Gulfport, Florida a suburb of St. Petersburg, Florida. She retired from the adult film industry in 2010 and got married to now husband. She is coming back in 2012 with a brand new solo site, that she will partake in with her husband. Kelly transitioned into a female at the age of twelve. She attended high school in El Paso, Illinois. This is where Kelly will get her start in activism at the age of sixteen spreading awareness to young adults and parents by speaking out for herself. Fighting to be treated like any other student, and educating while in the process of helping herself. She helped other LGBT students in the area achieve their rights to be treated like any other students as well. She graduated in 2004 with a bachelors degree, wanting to explore she moved to St. Petersburg, Florida. Where she worked for Laser Lovers Inc., a transgendered owned and operated company. While living in St. Petersburg, Florida she got involved with PRIDE. She was elected secretary of St. Pete Pride in 2006. With her help St. Petersburg, Florida had the largest PRIDE in 2006. With over 50,000 people, beating out Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for the very first time! She hosted the event with fellow showgirls Maya Douglas and Erica Andrews. Kelly, also helped put on the first mini Pride in Gulfport, Florida with special guests Angelique Ali and Felicity Lane. During this time Kelly was a platform artist for MAC Cosmetics and did freelance make up and modeling for Fashion Designers around the area. Kelly moved from St. Petersburg in 2007 after being threatened and harassed by the Christian hate group known as the Westboro Church for her strong role in the LGBT community. She spoke out against hate and discrimination on TV, to the mayor, and to Ronda Storms who is now a senator. Ronda was strongly against the LGBT community and sadly still is. Kelly, took her on in debates on media outlets across Hillsborough County causing quite a stir. In the end she was forced to leave Florida for her own safety. In 2011 Kelly, has been getting involved in porn politics. Going up against the likes of Shelley Lubben via twitter and her blog and the board known as pornwikileaks (not to be confused with this website). Which is ran by former pornstar Donny Long and friends of his. Kelly, has gone to blows with them on several occasions on twitter and the forum they have. She was sticking up for transsexual female to male pornstar Buck Angel. Which in turn they made her a wiki page along with many others full of fallacy and slander. Claiming Kelly has HIV and prostitutes. Kelly, retaliated by posting her STD test on her blog, twitter, and facebook. As far as the prostitution claims. Kelly, has been with her husband for eight years. She was and will be again in 2012 a porn performer and now webcam model and in the past she used to strip for money and do female impersonation shows. She has never been convicted of anything illegal and nor does she plan on it. Kelly, spends her time helping her community and trying to educate and spread love. Kelly, has stood strong and is of the opinion they are a very sorry group of people. She currently serves on the board of the first federally recognized Adult Union and has been cleaning up awards and nominations. She just won AW-Awards Transsexual Performer of the Year in 2016 and was inducted into Adult Webcam Awards Hall of Fame 2017. She is a two time Xbiz Cam Award winner and she continues to speak up and out for her community while still performing!

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